Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us in Beijing for Harvard Model United Nations China 2019 from Thursday, March 21 to Sunday, March 24!

Since 1927, Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN), formerly Harvard Model League of Nations, has brought together high school students from across the globe to discuss the most pressing and complex challenges facing our society, and to work together to develop solutions to these issues. In the process, they hone their public speaking, writing, and negotiation skills while gaining exposure to vastly different points of view and forming new friendships with like-minded peers.

In 2010, the first HMUN China was held, becoming the first international conference of its kind. Nine years later, we are delighted to return to Beijing with 16 of our strongest directors from the internationally-recognized Harvard International Relations Council. We invite you to join us in fast-paced crisis in the Specialized Agencies, substantively and regionally focused debate in the Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies, or the traditional UN experience in the General Assembly.

At HMUN China, our educational mission extends beyond the committee room. Through opportunities like Global Village, director panels, and our charity project, we hope to foster cultural exchange and cultivate a conference-wide community. You will find yourself in the historic city of Beijing, as much a center for international and intercultural dialogue today as it was in its storied past.

In 2018, HMUN China succeeded in continuing its commitment to diversity and financial aid. This year, at the Tenth Anniversary, we will build upon this progress by bringing online interactivity to delegate training, expanding our social impact through new partnerships, and streamlining our administrative processes to ensure the best possible delegate and faculty experience.

On behalf of the HMUN China staff, I cordially invite you to join us in Beijing for HMUN China 2019!


Anthony I. Bogachev
Harvard Model United Nations China 2019